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“Smart racking built tough”

Van racking.
That’s what we do.

We’ve been working with metal fabrication and production since 1947, and we began developing and producing workshop equipment in 1960. Since 1994, We’ve focused entirely on van racking.

We’ve got the know-how.

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SAfety First.

Finnerup is the only Danish producer of van racking that is safety approved by TÜV Rheinland.

We are the only manufacturer in the country that has the coveted certificate as proof that Finnerup’s construction complies with the TÜV ECE-R 17 procedure for effective protection of the driver, passengers and goods.

The test was performed in Denmark, while calculations and evaluation of the test took place in Germany. The test itself takes place by driving a van with Finnerup’s shelving systems with goods at 50 km per hour into a wall, with immediate stopping resulting in 20G! In connection with the collision, everything that happens to the van is measured and photographed with special focus on the cargo space. The violent forces unleashed are equal to a counterforce of 20 G. The test, which was carried out without a partition (as Finnerup usually recommends), showed that Finnerup’s shelving during the collision was simply displaced by 4 mm on one side and 9 mm on the other side and no further damage occurred. No materials on the shelves we broken. The conclusion of the test was unequivocal that the racks were NOT the cause of any damage to the driver or any passengers.

Environment & Sustainability

Finnerup racking is fully developed and produced in Denmark.

Denmark is one of the most environmentally friendly production countries in the world with an energy mix of 47% coming from wind energy in 2019

We’ve standardised our products using aluminum wherever possible. And that’s approximately 95% of our production! After profiling, our aluminum products are virtually indestructible, lightweight and don’t require any treatment to prevent corrosion. That means less CO2 emissions and more savings for our customers.

By combining the use of aluminum along with our intelligent construction methods, a Finnerup racking solution weighs approximately 50% less than a steel racking equivalent.

Reduced weight benefits:
– lower fuel consumption
– lower CO2 emissions
– lower operating costs
– increased payload
– increased safety due to shorter braking distance

Built on a long tradition of hand-crafted quality

The van racking we produce today is possible because of the decades we invested in perfecting Finnerup cabinets and workstations.

Even though we’ve modernised our processes and set the standard for van racking, that promise of hand-crafted quality lives on in our workshop.

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